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  • Demolitions
  • Demolition of old bathrooms/ tiles/ sanitary appliances / plumbing installations.
  • Demolition of old kitchens/ cupboards/ tiles/ kitchen back.
  • Demolition of internal doors and wardrobes
  • Floor demolition when necessary
  • Wall demolition.
  • Rubble and rubbish removal
  • Rubble disposal.

Plumbing Remodel Services

  • New plumbing installation includes:
  • Installing hot and cold supply lines in the bathroom, with a multilayer collector pipe.
  • New internal plumbing installation.
  • Supply installation for washing machines and driers.
  • Installation of built-in flushing.
  • Trap installation.
  • Installing new built-in sanitary appliances.
  • Plumbing installation of solar boilers.
  • Installing batteries and additional equipment.

Masonry Walls / Roofs

  • Coating in the demolished surfaces.
  • Coating upon completion of electrical reconstruction.
  • Masonry building, installing double plasterboard with insulation or Alfablock or bricks.
  • Suspended ceiling construction in the living room and kitchen, with hidden lighting fixtures.
  • Construction of gyprock plasterboard,in order to cover pipelines.


  • 3D bathroom design
  • Installing wall and floor tiles (tile cost rising up to 30 euros / squared meter) or forged cement.
  • Stainless glass shower bathrooms or cast iron baths.
  • Built-in washbasin and bath battery
  • Massive timber specially constructed bathroom furniture and undercounter washbasin or fitted wardrobe.
  • Built-in flushing.
  • Soft close toilet seat.
  • Provision and installation of new heated towel rails.
  • Complete set of bathroom accessories.
  • The owner is free to select the above-mentioned materials.


  • 3D kitchen design.
  • 4 cm kitchen bench and kitchen back.
  • Selection of cupboards according to individual customer preferences.
  • Internal Drawer boxes.
  • Sinks with one or two troughs (granite, inox).
  • Installation of lock mechanisms in kitchen drawers and cupboards.
  • Wash-basin battery.
  • Aluminum wash basin base and bin.

Armored steel doors

  • Certified armored steel SIAMO doors (production type).
  • Double reinforced adapting hinge sets (heavy type).
  • Double armored door made of electro galvanized metal sheet (1,25+1,25mm).
  • Lock cylinder with high security patent key.
  • Armored lock with DEFENDER system.
  • Partial opening system made of steel (night latch).
  • Double soundproofing rubber foam in doors and frames.
  • Veneer coating with pantographic design.
  • 180-degree wide angle door viewer peephole

Electrical equipment

  • Complete replacement of electrical equipment in compliance with regulations of the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) that requires:
  • Replacing all wires.
  • Removing wall sockets, outlets and switches.
  • Replacement of the distribution board.
  • Installing alarm system wiring.
  • Improving A/C conditioning efficiency.
  • Installing satellite cable and digital satellite receivers for televisions.
  • Installing an unshielded twisted pair (utp) cat6 network for the internet and telephone.
  • Installing light fixtures and sockets.
  • Pricing does not include the purchase of sockets, switches and light fixtures.

Internal doors

  • Internal veneer doors.
  • Handles and locks.
  • Door frames.
  • Blockboard for door frames and ledges.
  • 3 hinges.
  • Attic doors.
  • Lacquer paint.1


  • Cement based coating where necessary.
  • Installing tiles or laminate type wooden floor, according to individual customer preferences.
  • Outdoor balcony flooring installation with certified tiles.
  • Repair and conservation of wooden floor (when there is wooden floor).
  • Floor rubbing (applied twice).
  • Floor polishing (applied twice).


  • Sliding door wardrobes in every bedroom.
  • Wardrobe door mechanisms and internal drawers with lock.
  • Floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes.
  • Placement of special boxes.
  • External wardrobe doors selected considering customers’ preferences.


  • Application of two coats of paint with a spatula.
  • Application of acrylic primer.
  • Application of two coats of “eco” or “natural paint”.
  • External colouring when required.
  • Recommandations on colour combination.
  • Different interior styles in rooms.
  • Railings painting.
  • Customers are free to select the colours used for decoration purposes.

Activities supervision

  • Specialized teams for every activity
  • Engineer supervising all stages of the restoration project
  • Project planning and 3D design.
  • Decoration services
  • Weekly report on the progress of project activities.
  • 3-year construction guarantee for all activities.


  • Prices registered do not include VAT.
  • Pricing in our website www.casacarina.grisestimated approximately.
  • A binding offer is delivered to the potential customer, once the real estate to be renovated is illustrated and the owner’s needs are registered.
  • Materials and products shown in are available until our providers’ stock is exhausted.
  • Our company provides a 2-year guarantee for every project activity. Our providers’ guarantee on products complies with the European and national legislation.
  • Upon the completion and repayment of the restoration project, a written guarantee is granted to our clients.
  • Our clients reserve the right to carry out an on-site inspection with an engineer of their choice and reject the project in cases of poor workmanship.
  • Our clients bear no responsibility over the legality of our teams’ work.
  • Building permits that may be required are not included in the cost of renovation.